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Posted on: Sunday, April 28, 2013 22:40
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Subject: Tourism Australia Presses Quality as Marketing Edge at ATE


Speaking before the opening of the Australian Tourism Exchange in Sydney on Friday, Tourism Australia (TA) Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said TA will spend a record AUD $150 million ($154 million) with close to 200 partners talking directly to its international target audience. The ATE attracted more than 2,200 delegates including almost 550 international distribution companies from 39 countries. McEvoy said the money would be used to "raise the bar" in terms of quality, helping to counteract the high Australian dollar and increasing international competition.

On Saturday, McEvoy unveiled the latest sub-promotion in the "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign with the launch of the Ultimate Wine Experience on the ATE floor. McEvoy said Australia's quality food and wine experiences presented great opportunities and would play a more central role in TA's future international marketing activities. Recent research showed that highlighting the country's best food and wine tourism experiences increased consumer motivation to travel to Australia by 30 percent. He also cited TA's 'Best of Australia' program as a recent example of Australian tourism packaging up and promoting some of its highest quality offerings.

Wine became the latest tourism experience to be included under the "Best of Australia" banner - joining Great Golf Courses of Australia and Great Walks of Australia when Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia was unveiled on Saturday at ATE.

"Together with our industry partners, we will spend close to AUD $150m this year putting Australia in front of our target consumer. I think Australian tourism has got much better at working together and speaking with a singular voice when it comes to selling Australia overseas. TA aggressively pursues partnerships with airlines, airports, distribution and state and territory tourism partners."By stressing quality, McEvoy said, TA can counteract the impact of a strong Australian dollar, which now equals 

"The high dollar is not new and is something our industry has had to adapt to, rather than hide behind. The reality is that we're coming off the back of three years of solid growth. Last year was a record for international visitors, up nearly 5 percent to 6.1 million, with the country showing little sign of losing its global appeal," McEvoy said.        "The challenge is to make sure we deliver great value and accentuate those unique and distinctive experiences that help set Australia apart from our rivals."

McEvoy pointed out that the industry's strong recent performance owed much to a targeted shift towards growth markets, a strategy of partnering with leading international airlines and tourism organizations, best practice use of digital and social media and a greater focus on promoting "best of Australia" experiences.

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